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Welcome to IKON Piano Bar & Bistro

Located in the vibrant heart of Budapest’s bustling 5th Kazinczy Street, IKON Piano Bar & Bistro offers a unique atmosphere and exceptional entertainment options. Since 1897, Kazinczy Street has been one of the busiest and narrowest streets in the Jewish Quarter, connecting Király Street and Rákóczi Street.

About the Venue: IKON Piano Bar & Bistro welcomes guests with its unique atmosphere and exceptional entertainment offerings. Few places in Budapest offer live music during dinner service from Wednesday to Saturday. Situated in the heart of the entertainment district on Kazinczy Street, IKON evokes memories of old forgotten bars while still meeting modern expectations. It features an elegant yet cozy ambiance with two rooms, large and small tables, and a pleasant bar counter. Adorning the walls are iconic figures of Hungarian music such as Karády Katalin, Koós János, and Máté Péter, brought to life by pianist Gazsi Norbert’s performances.

Entertainment and Dining: IKON Piano Bar & Bistro offers a special selection of beverages, including a variety of Hungarian wines and champagnes, ensuring that everyone finds their perfect drink. From cocktails to gin and tonics, the menu offers a wide range of options. The venue also hosts themed evenings and welcomes guest performers. The kitchen prepares fresh and delicious dishes tailored to guests’ tastes and preferences.

Experience the Atmosphere: IKON Piano Bar & Bistro welcomes guests from Wednesday to Saturday, offering live music from early evening until late into the night. One of the key elements of IKON’s atmosphere is Gazsi Norbert, a charismatic pianist who engages with the audience, creating an unforgettable experience. Whether playing Hungarian classics, disco hits from the ’70s, Michael Bublé covers, or smooth jazz, Norbert adapts to the crowd’s preferences, ensuring a memorable evening for all.

IKON is where the past meets the present, blending the lively atmosphere of Budapest with the charm of piano evenings. Visit us and enjoy an authentic, live music experience in the heart of Kazinczy Street!

At IKON, you don’t have to miss out on the unique experience of music and ambiance coming together to create a memorable evening. Here, for one night, it’s always YOU at IKON!

Permanent event

Live music bistro experience every day from 8:30pm

IKON’s mission is nothing less than to bring back the old piano bar atmosphere. We can think of the Hungarian places of 100 years ago, but the legendary clubs of New York were also worthy models when we opened. The point is that we never play music from recordings, but always live piano, Norbert Gazsi plays according to the needs and preferences of our guests.