IKON Piano Bar & Bistro Budapest - Where Past Meets Present

Located in the lively, vibrant area of Budapest’s 5th Kazinczy Street, IKON Piano Bar & Bistro has been a staple since 1897. The Kazinczy Street, one of the busiest and narrowest streets in the Jewish Quarter, has been bustling with life, connecting Király Street and Rákóczi Street.

For the Palate

IKON Piano Bar & Bistro offers a special selection of drinks. Our wine list mainly features Hungarian wines and champagnes, ensuring everyone finds their perfect drink. For those craving champagne on a special IKON night, there are exclusive options to choose from. We offer a wide range of cocktails and even have a separate gin and tonic menu. Looking ahead, they plan to organize gin-based dinner nights. Wine dinners are regular events at the venue, but spirit nights also enjoy great popularity. With a kitchen that’s prepared for such caliber events, IKON ensures fresh and tasty dishes on the table to match guests’ tastes and preferences.

For the Ears

IKON Piano Bar & Bistro welcomes guests from Wednesday to Saturday starting from early evening until 3:00 AM, with music and champagne flowing freely if the crowd desires. One of IKON’s essential factors is its eternal mood maker, Gazsi Norbert, who lives together with the place and its current guests. Norbert’s repertoire is virtually inexhaustible; he not only plays the piano skillfully but also sings along, which was an important criterion in selecting IKON’s musician. They simply had to find an artist who had an affinity for both. Norbert maintains a friendship with the crowned king of piano bars, Gabi Fűzy, whom he even considers a mentor. The charismatic pianist feels comfortable playing Hungarian folk songs, disco hits from the 70s, Michael Bublé covers, or more smoky jazz, and he can transmit this comfort to the current audience. He doesn’t just provide the music; he also picks up on the guests’ rhythm: he asks where they’re from, where the wind brought them, and there’s a good chance he’ll play something local for Spanish, Italian, or American guests. Moreover, guests themselves might end up on stage for a night of revelry. After all, why shouldn’t they sing along if they feel like it? We appreciated the looseness, the openness we experienced there.

IKON is a place where music and atmosphere intertwine, and everyone can feel at home. Gazsi Norbert and the other talented artists ensure that every evening is a memorable experience at IKON.

IKON is a place where the past meets the present, where the lively atmosphere of Budapest and the charm of piano evenings merge into a memorable experience. Visit us and enjoy a true, live music experience in the heart of Kazinczy Street!

IKON is a place where you don’t have to miss out on that special experience, where music and atmosphere blend into a memorable evening, and where, for one night, it’s always YOU at IKON!