Duck liver pâté

Tokaji aszú, golden raisins, braided mini milk loaf

5.500 Ft

Camembert baked in a crockpot

strawberry, rhubarb, sourdough bread

2.400 Ft


Goulash soup

2.500 Ft

Asparagus cream soup

sour cream foam

1.700 Ft

Pumpkin creamsoup

ginger, sweet chilli

2.200 Ft

Main courses

Black angus rib-eye steak

asparagus, new potatoes, gravy

13.500 Ft

Veal stew with sour cream

baked potato dumpling

6.500 Ft

Seared salmon

handmade gnocchi, ram’s horn velouté

8.000 Ft

Chicken paprikash

dumplings and cucumber salad

3.900 Ft

Caesar salad

2.900 Ft

+ Seared goat’s cheese

2.100 Ft

+ Grilled skin on chicken breast

2.000 Ft


Poppy seed cake

sour cherry

1.900 Ft

Sweet polenta

cottage cheese, strawberry, rhubarb, meringue

1.700 Ft


nutella, peanuts (gluten free)


2.300 Ft


1.400 Ft


Cheese swirl

maasdammer cheese, ram’s horn dip

2.500 Ft

Olives trio

2.000 Ft


1.700 Ft

Confit duck spread

soured gherkins, sourdough bread

3.200 Ft

Cheese platter

melousine goat’s cheese, camembert, peanuts, strawberry, rhubarb


2.800 Ft

Countryside cold cut platter

smoked sausage, smoked ham, cracklings, marinated radish, soured gherkins, sourdough bread

2.800 Ft

Camembert cheese baked in a saucepan

homemade apricot jam, homemade bread

1.900 Ft

Our prices are in HUF and include VAT. The total amount of the invoice includes a 12% service charge.